Meet Rob Desmond the Wedding and Protrait Photography Maestro from the scenic landscapes of New Hampshire. Not your run-of-the-mill photographer, Rob is an award-winner and published pro who's made his mark. Before diving deep into the world of captivating photography, he spent over 15 years as a firefighter, bringing some spark to his community.


Rob's photo's aren't just pictures; they're a colorful journey into his moody yet lively style. His images pop with vibrent hues, turning every photo into a timeless keepsake for generations. if you're wondering why Rob's photos are so special, just meet the man - you'll get it!


Rob's journey into photography started in childhood when his grandmother gave him an old Kodak Browine camera. Despite life's twists and turns, including successful careers in both firefighting and owning a landscaping company, Rob's passion for photography endured and that's where the magic happened.


In between landscaping and serving his community, Rob decided to level up his game. He learned the ropes from some of the top-notch photographers from across the country. From the hustle of New York to the chill vibes of Hawaii, the wilds of Alaska and every nook of new England. Why? To soak in the views learn from the best and create the must stunning photography out there.


But here's the kicker - Rob's not just your local guy he's jet-setted around the globe for destination weddings that are nothing short of epic. Wheter it's capturing love against the backdrop of a torpical paradise sunset to freezing moments in the snowy beauty of faraway lands, Rob's been there done that and nailed it!


Specializing in the artistry of High School Senior Photography, Creative Sports Photography, and his mastery of Weddings, Rob brings a unique blend of professionalism, sarcasm, fun and creative vison to each product that ensures every moment is captured with precision and passion.


So if your after a photgrapher who's not just about snapping photos but creating memories who has brought smiles and safety to his community then Rob Desmond is your guy. He's not just a pro; he's your creative partner, turning every photo into a piece of art. Dive into Rob's world -where every click tells a story, and your moments become masterpieces.