Post-Wedding Photography Sessions

November 16th, 2023


A trend in Wedding Photography has been post-wedding Photo Shoots. Obviously it can be a pre or post-session, but the idea is to have some great photos that are not so formal. This will let the couple be more relaxed, and have some fun with the creativity that a good photographer can bring, all the while leaving you with some remarkable images. Some tips to make your session work for you are below.


Choose a Strategic Location

Depending on the theme that you’ve selected for your session, pick a location that best fits the output that you have in mind.


Prepare Your Outfit

What sort of clothes makes you feel good? What outfit will be in accordance with your chosen theme? What makes you feel comfortable? What colors would match with your fiancé’s attire? Keep in mind that your wedding day formal attire is always a perfect choice!


Choose The Best Time

The best times for capturing your couple snapshots are during the golden hours of the day. If you’re wondering what this photography jargon means, the golden hour describes the period of time of the day when the sun’s rays are softer in appearance. This typically occurs just after sunrise or just before sunset and can have a charming effect in photographs. However, with our LED and strobe lighting, we can accommodate any time of the day.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

You don’t want your photographer to capture how exhausted you are while wearing your heels, right? Wearing proper footwear will ensure that you’ll stay in a great mood despite the long day of walking and posing for photos. You can still wear heels if it’s part of the outfit but opt for the comfy sneakers when strolling to and from your different locations.


Ask Your Photographer for Suggestions

If you need more advice or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to consult your photographer! They will have the knowledge and expertise about what works and what doesn’t work for your portrait session. Spot A Shot Photography can help you with any inquiries and concerns regarding your pre and post-wedding photography session.


Still, Looking for a New England Wedding Photographer?


If you’re still in the hunt for the best NH photographer for your pre or post-wedding photography session or actual wedding photography session, our team might be what you’re looking for! It is our passion to help our clients achieve their wedding vision by providing them with exceptional service and superb results.